Bridgford: An Atlas Purchasing Q & A

Atlas: What are your 3 most popular items?
Bridgford: Buttermilk Biscuits, Demi-Loaf ®Dough, and Dinner Roll Dough.

Atlas: What is a great money saving idea specifically for your product(s)?
Bridgford: Serve fresh baked, great smelling breads in house less expensively than purchasing pre-baked breads.

Atlas: What is the one thing you wish all operators knew about the industry?
Bridgford: That an operator doesn’t have to own a proof box in order to bake fresh breads in house.

Atlas: What is the most creative way an operator has used your product(s)?
Bridgford: Customizing our products with their own recipe utilizing additional ingredients to make the finished product truly unique to their establishment only.

Atlas: What current culinary/restaurant trends are you seeing in the market?
Bridgford: Breads topped with different spices and ingredients to elevate the bread serving to be part of the overall dining experience.

Atlas: What new items can we look forward to seeing?
Bridgford: Bridgford has just introduced as “Island” Roll Dough and a fully baked savory cheese biscuit.

Atlas: Where can operators go to get support material like recipe and nutritional information?
Bridgford: Head to or call 800-527-2105!

Atlas: Who is the ideal user of your product(s)?
Bridgford: Any account serving bread and especially those accounts that want accent their bread service with the whole fresh baked bread experience.

Atlas: Do you have any coupons or sample opportunities?
Bridgford: Yes, currently offering a 60 day, $1.00/case coupon on our top three buttermilk biscuit products. Click here for biscuit promotion!

Atlas: What is one unique fact about your product that people should know?
Bridgford: Bridgford was the pioneers of frozen bread dough products and actually trademarked the name “Demi-Loaf” ® Dough.

Atlas: What is a popular time saving product that may or may not be offered at a premium?
Bridgford: Our buttermilk biscuits, they’re actually packaged on a disposable tray designed to be put in the oven to heat the biscuits. Simply slide the tray of biscuits onto a sheet pan and place directly into the oven or As I always say….you’ll ruin the biscuits before you ruin the oven board.

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