Mondelez: An Atlas Purchasing Q&A

We recently chatted with Mondelez about their most popular foodservice products, recipes and tools. So, the next time you are tasked with a food purchasing order, consider these Mondelez facts!

Atlas: What are your 3 most popular items?
Mondelez: Crushed OREO Pieces, Nabisco and Honey Maid Graham Crackers, Nabisco Cracker Varieties

Atlas: What is a great money saving idea specifically for your product(s)?
Mondelez: Milkshakes/Malts lead all dessert items.

Atlas: What is the one thing you wish all operators knew about the industry?
Mondelez: According to Technomics 2015 Dessert Consumer Trend Report, 33% agree strongly that they “like to order desserts with brand name ingredients”. OREO is the #1 Brand on dessert menus.

Atlas: What is the most creative way an operator has used your product(s)?
Mondelez: Seasonal LTO’s are becoming increasingly more important and seasonal shakes pair with limited time retail offerings.

Atlas: What current culinary/restaurant trends are you seeing in the market?
Mondelez: Dessert consumers call for more ethnic dessert flavors, variety of ice-cream flavors, more flavors of cheesecake, tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and coconut…but as expected chocolate still dominates all dessert flavors.

Atlas: What new items can we look forward to seeing?
Mondelez: We will be expanding our “better for you” offerings.

Atlas: Where can operators go to get support material like recipe and nutritional information?
Mondelez: For recipes and product info please visit

Atlas: Who is the ideal user of your product(s)?
Mondelez: Everyone!!

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